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Boots & Booties Under $50

Affordable finds with all of the cuteness!


I'm a Texan, so give me a pair of cowboy boots and I'll be happy! Recently, these western style boots have come back in style and I really can't complain. But authentic, real cowboy boots can get a bit pricey (hello leather), but this trendier style is a great alternative!

I think we'll be seeing chunky boots long into the spring! I love this neutral pair and the little gold detailing for an extra bit of flashiness. If you're looking for a cute yet comfortable booties, this is your go to!

I'm sorry, I just had to add in a fun, PINK option! How fun are these go-go boots?! The snakeskin detail takes it to a whole new level and I guarantee you everyone will be commenting on them all night!

A classic staple you need every season! Booties like these don't go out of style and this affordable option comes in a variety of neutral shades. Why not stock up when they're on sale?

Special occasion coming up? Knee high boots are all the rage! Make a statement with these fun, teal heeled boots. Planning my next outfit in them immediately!


Alina Ann


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