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Fall Boots Three Ways

All about those boots!


Short, tall, cowboy, chelsea, combat… give me all the boots!

I always find it easier to style boots and booties rather than strappy sandals and heels in the warmer months.

My fall boot staples are below!

Black Leather Combat Boots

I’ve found that I gravitate the most to my black leather combat boots more than anything else in the fall. Dress ‘em up, dress ‘em down OR dress them with a dress!

Short White Booties

Disco-ing my way around town in these white booties! I love how they’ve come back into style and how they go with just about anything. If I’m not pulling my black boots, these are next up!

Classic Riding Boots

A closet staple at all times! Investing in a nice pair of brown, leather boots is something you won’t regret. Frye boots are true and true!


Alina Ann


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