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Five Tips for Instagram Growth

Step aside, TikTok!


I may find myself scrolling on TikTok way too often in a day, but Instagram is still my favorite social media platform!

If you’re wanting to grow your account or just revamp your brand, here are a few tips.

Post Consistently

The most important of them all, consistency truly is key! The more you most, the more people you’ll reach and the more your audience will become familiar with who you are. Set a schedule for yourself, plan content ahead and stick to it!

Interact with your Audience

Instagram is a community above all else. The people who interact and meet through it is truly what it’s all about! Whenever you post, be sure to take 15-30 minutes to engage with other people’s post, comment, like and share.

Focus on Messaging

What is your page all about? Fashion? Food? Travel? It’s important to narrow down your messaging and think about what value you’re able to bring.

Reels, Reels, Reels

I’ll say it over and over again… Reels are how to grow your account! Making video content is my favorite thing, but if you’re looking to reach new audience the Instagram algorithm will favor Reels over just about anything else.

Be Authentic

Audiences will come to love you if you’re YOU! Don’t try to put up a front on social media, because people will see right through it. The most successful Instagrammers are fully themselves!


Alina Ann


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