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Game Day Looks

Tis the season for football!


Fall in Texas means football, football and (you guessed it) more football. As a TCU alum (go frogs!), I know a thing or two about the seriousness of game days. And let me tell ya, it’s not just four 15-minute quarters, it’s truly an all-day affair.

Whether you’re going to the game to support your team or just for the fun of it all, here are a few game day inspired looks for the season!

Tee + Denim + Sneakers

When in doubt, cute and casual is always a good move. Game days tend to be really long days, so you want to be comfortable in your outfit!

Pair your favorite team tee with a trendy denim skirt or jeans - if it’s not 100 degrees out like it is in Texas. You’ll be ready for allll of the game day activities and the inevitable game day pictures that will end up on Instagram later.

Team Jersey + Cowboy Boots

Here in Texas, we wear oversized everything. Make your team’s XXL jersey into a ‘dress’. throw on some cowboy boots and yeehaw your way into game day! I always wear a pair of denim shorts underneath because, let’s be honest, a jersey really isn’t a dress.

If an oversized look isn’t your vibe, you can crop your jersey or tie it up for another cute look!

Team Color Dress + Heels

Coming from the midwest, I was very thrown off to see girls in full-out glam at football games. I’m talking the hair, the makeup, the outfit, the everything! If you’re feeling fancy, a cute sundress in your team’s color and some comfortable heels is a go-to game day look.

Cheers to football and cheering on your teams throughout the fall!


Alina Ann


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