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Gift Guide for Him

Find the perfect present for the man in your life!


Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can be a challenge. Let’s all admit that it’s way easier to shop for females than males!

I asked my husband for guy-approved holiday gift ideas for a little bit of inspo for all of you. Check out some below!

For The Athlete

Hyperice massage guns are very trendy right now, and guys and girls alike are obsessed! If you’re shopping for someone who works out often or is an athlete, this is a gift that they’ll get plenty of use out of.

For the Businessman

If you have to dress up every day, why not dress up and be comfortable? Olivers is a great brand that offers elevated casual wear. Essentially, their clothes look like businesswear, but feel like sweatpants! Trust me, this is a fan favorite.

For the Traveler

No more “throwing things into a suitcase or plastic bag” and go! A nice toiletry bag is something that every guy needs, especially someone who travels often. This one is sure to be long lasting and high quality!

For the Sports Fanatic

Leave the football or baseball aside and pick up a fun, everyday item with a sports twist! Mugs, pillows, mini games and everything in between. For an extra special touch, you can even personalize something.

For the Adventurer


Plan a date night or fun activity with a concert, trip or experience! These are some of my favorite gifts because it's all about spending time with the people you love while experiencing something now!


Alina Ann


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