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Headbands are a Girl's Best Friend

A tale of a hair accessory fanatic.


Growing up in the heart of suburbia, It will come at no surprise that I was often surrounded by young girls who came to school each day with picture-perfect outfits, shiny shoes and hair in pretty woven braids or expertly curled ringlets.

The neighborhood moms didn't mess around.

With my own mom at work before it was time for my older brother (can you say super mom) and I to get ready for the day, my dad was the one who was in charge of breakfast, getting the kids dressed and yes... Hair. While my dad was (and is) a superstar, hairstyling is definitely not his forte.

I was envious of all the other girls' perfect hair and wanted to fit in with my own 'thing'. That's where my hair accessory obsession blossomed.

Each and every day before elementary school, I’d brush my out bedhead, straighten my deep part and simply pin a bow in. Foolproof hair styling. I had bows in every color of the rainbow in every different fabric for each and every occasion.

What started as a way for me to fit in became a statement piece of my style at a very young age. Through the years, my bows were swapped out for sparkly clips, dainty ribbon and numerous other hair accessories.

As a 23-year-old woman, I can confidently say that my hair accessory obsession is still very real today.

And then came the headband trend.

Maybe it was my pre-teen binge of Gossip Girl and all things Blair Waldorf that sparked this in me, but for years now, headbands have been my go-to.

Third (or even fourth) day hair looking a little dull? Throw on a headband for some added volume.

Looking for an extra pop of color or pattern to complete your outfit? A headband is just what you need.

There's not a hair emergency that a headband can't solve. That's a motto I live by.

Check out a few of my favorite headbands (all $15 or less) below!

If you're looking to start your headband collection, this 9-piece set of knotted headbands is the way to go. They're lightweight (which is great to avoid the inevitable headband headache) and come in just about every color! Not to mention the whole set is only $12.99.

If you know me, you know that pearls are another staple of mine. These headbands combine two of my favorite things and add a little extra flair, without being too much, that can complete any look!

Why take the time to braid your own hair when you can throw on a braided headband and achieve the same effect? This one is a great statement piece (and it gets extra brownie points for the cute polka dotted design).

When it comes to hair accessories, don't be afraid to mix + match. They're an easy way to elevate your look without breaking the bank.

Headbands truly are a girl's best friend.


Alina Ann


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