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HOW-TO | DIY Fringe Jeans

Spice up those staple pieces in your wardrobe.


Jeans are a staple piece in every single wardrobe! If you take a look into your closet at this very moment, I guarantee that you have at least a pair (or two) of old jeans buried underneath the ones that you actually wear all of the time. They still fit, but the style just isn’t for you anymore. Don’t throw those away! Transform them into the jeans of your dreams.

“Fun” jeans are a trend that I’m very much here for. Just because jeans are a wardrobe staple doesn’t mean they can’t be spicy!

Put in a a little work and DIY your way to the cutest fringe jeans around!


Materials Needed:

  • Old pair of jeans

  • Scissors

  • Pen / Pencil

  • Tweezers

  • Trash Can / Bag

  • A LOT of Patience


Step 1:

Dust off those old jeans, grab your scissors and let’s go! Start by cutting along the hems of both pant legs so that you have a nice, clean edge to work with.

Step 2:

Measure 2-3 inches from the bottom of the pants and make a small mark with a pen / pencil several times across. This will make sure the fringe on the pants is even when you get to the next step!

Step 3:

Cut .25-1 inch vertical strands all around the pant legs ending at the 2-3 inch marks you just made. Remember that the thinner the strands, the thinner the fringe. There’s no “perfect” way to do this since it’s totally your preference! How do you want your fringe jeans to look?

Step 4:

So this is where the time consuming part kicks in. Throw on a movie for some background entertainment NOW (trust me on this).

After step 3, you’ll see a ton of threads hanging off of each strand. Using tweezers, pull those loose threads on each of the individual strands until a frayed look is achieved. Pull, pull and pull some more! As a rule of thumb, try to consistently pull the same color thread (white or blue, typically) as it’ll give a cleaner look in the end. But don’t be afraid to go a little over board with it! There's no such thing as too much thread pulling here.

FYI - this process is super messy so have a trash can near by for all of the loose threads you’re pulling off (my cats try always try to eat the threads if they don't make it into the trash).

Step 5:

Once each individual strand is tweezed to perfection, step outside and shake out those jeans! There are still some loose threads you'll want to get out, so throw them in the wash for good measure too. The longer you wear and the more you wash the jeans, the more frayed they will look!

Step 6:

Rock those jeans! Your hard work paid off and you now have a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll wear all of the time.


For a quick video tutorial on these cute fringe jeans, head over to my Instagram today!


Alina Ann


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