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Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Yes, Father's Day is THIS WEEKEND!


Friendly reminder that Father's Day is this Sunday! If you haven't picked up a little something to show your appreciation for Dad, here are a few last minute gifts that will still get here in time.

For the Dad who always loses his phone charge

This wireless charger doubles as a hands-free phone stand is pretty much impossible to lose. It's perfect to live in a dedicated spot on his desk or nightstand and will keep Dad from telling you every day that his phone is about to die.

For the Dad who hasn't changes his wallet in years

The "dad wallet" should have a whole new meaning. No more overflowing cards, cash and photos of kids, this sleek wallet is pocket-sized and will keep Dad organized!

For the Dad who is #1

Labels aren't everything... except when you're labeled at THE #1 Dad. Dad will proudly wear this baseball cap doing yard work, at the office, and just about everywhere else.

For the Dad that just wants to hang out

Experiences are always the best gifts! Find a movie, concert or festival near you and your Dad and surprise him with tickets together. He'll be talking about it all year long!


Alina Ann


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