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Last Minute Gifts for Furry Friends

Calling all pet lovers!


Your furry friends are a part of the holidays, too! I know that for me, Christmas truly isn't the same without snuggling up with my two cats.

Here are a few gifts for your pet (but mostly for the pet lover).

Pet "gifts" can sometimes be cheesy or cheap. But I see these every year and always think they are the cutest! A great gift for anyone just as obsessed with their animal as I am.

For the pet parent who travels... get a pet camera! I love checking up on my cats when I'm at work or away from the house and seeing them curled up on the couch.

Up your sock game with some socks with your pets face on them! Everyone loves socks as gifts and this takes it to the next level.

Now this one is actually for your pet! If you have a cat or dog that sheds, this brush will change your world and theirs. Add to cart now!


Alina Ann


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