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Love it or Leave It: Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

I truly wish I was cool enough to pull off a bucket hat.


Fashion trends pop up quickly and can fade out fast. This spring, there are a lot of cute fads that I'm hoping will stick around for a very long time! But there’s also a few that I’m just not sure I can get behind (or am simply just not cool enough to pull off)...

Here are a few trends I'm loving and leaving this season!

Matching Sets


Whether you’re working out, going out or just lounging around the house, a matching set is the way to go! There’s really no styling involved, which makes this a super easy outfit to throw on and run out the door. Matching sets come in tons pretty prints, patterns and styles, so no matter your vibe, there's a fit for you. Personally, I'm a sucker for a paired sweatshirt + jogger combo!

Low Rise Jeans


Gigi Hadid may be able to rock low rise jeans like nobody's business, but why should the rest of us have to trade in our favorite pair of high rise girlfriend jeans to fit in with the times? This is one trend that should've stayed in the 90s (or never happened at all). We all know that low rise pants are not forgiving, and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing a pair any time soon. I'll be sticking to my high waisted pants over here!

Oversized Jackets/Blazers


Blazers aren't just for the office anymore! There’s something so chic about adding an oversized jacket to your outfit and I am so here for it. This trend is beyond modern, feminine and sleek. My favorite oversized look to wear is a slightly large jean jacket - the extra layer can pull together the entire look together in an instant!

Bucket Hats


Ok, it takes a special person to pull off a bucket hat. Sadly, that person is not me. If you are that person, I'm very, very jealous. Bucket hats are super cool, and the only reason I'm leaving this trend behind is because they don't fit within my personal style! So I'll be sticking to a nice floppy hat this season and beyond.

Bold Floral Prints


Give me a bright print and I’m a happy gal! Spring is for floral, and this year we’ve been seeing a lot of bolder, brighter patterns with larger flower designs. I'm all about embracing your inner girly girl and this trend supports that too. Don't be afraid to add a little color or print to your wardrobe this spring (or any other season)!

Tractor-Inspired Boots


Chunky boots are great in the cooler months, but when spring comes around, I like pulling out my sandals/heels and tucking the boots away until fall! I can make an exception for a cute spring dress + chunky boot combo, but it's mostly not for me.

Puff Sleeves


Puff sleeves make any top that much prettier! Not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I was rockin' puff sleeves before it was cool (Cinderella inspired me and wore them best). Now that they’re “in style,” don't be surprised if you see me wearing a puff-sleeved top a little too often. I seriously love this trend!


What spring 2021 fashion trends are you loving and leaving? Visit my Instagram and share your favorites!


Alina Ann


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