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My Family's Holiday Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


My favorite part about the holidays is, of course, being with my family, but I also love all of the special traditions during the season! Since it’s Christmas Eve, what better way to to share the Christmas spirit than for me to share my family’s favorite holiday traditions with you? These are all near and dear to my heart and I hope you’ll share yours with me too!

Kūčios: 12 Dinner Dishes

As a quick note, most of my family's Christmas traditions stem from Lithuanian culture. On Christmas Eve, we have 12 total dishes for dinner in honor of the 12 Disciples and none of them contain any meat! I’m not a fish eater, so my Christmas Eve meals typically consist of a lot of pasta and side dishes. Just how I like it!

Giving Thanks: Blessed Wafers

Another Lithuanian tradition that happens before our Christmas Eve dinner is the breaking of wafers! Essentially, these wafers are blessed by a priest, and everyone breaks off a piece of each wafer while walking around the room to wish each other wonderful year ahead. It’s a special time that really brings our family together.

Casual vs. Fancy

I feel like everyone has one day where they dress up, and another where they stay in their PJs and are all comfy! For my family, Christmas Eve is the dress up day, and Christmas Day consists of opening presents, watching movies and eating alllll that we can in our pajamas all day long. The best of both worlds!

White Elephant Game

After all of the real presents have been opened on Christmas Day, we play a game of White Elephant to get rid of the not-so-great things we’ve accumulated over the year! White Elephant is such a fun game and one of my favorite traditions. However, you HAVE to take home all of the “goodies” that you win in the game! A lot of times, these things will make an appearance in the game year after year…

I can’t wait to keep my family traditions going, and make new ones too! What's your favoirte tradition?


Alina Ann


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