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My Staple Accessories

We all have those pieces we can't leave the house without!


Is there such thing as too much accessorizing? Maybe.

Do we care? Absolutely not!

Having a few staple accessories allows you to stay consistent with your style and your personality. I love having a few items that I wear every single day (fancy dress or sweatpants included) that truly make me feel like myself - and if I forget to put them on something feels off! No matter what you’re wearing, accessorize and give your outfit a personal touch.

Here are my top staple accessories.

Most days, I won’t be caught leaving the house without my pearl studs. Of course, I’ll switch it up with the occasional statement earrings, but my every day look is never complete without these pretty pearls! If you’re new around here, you’ll come to learn that pearls are kind of my thing and I like incorporating them in just about all of my accessories (how cute are those pearl hair clips too?).

Some people are all about necklaces, but I’m a hardcore ring girl. Show me a rose gold ring and I'll fall in love with it instantly! This Cartier dupe from Poshmark is a recent find that pairs perfectly with my other staple rings (nothing will ever top my engagement ring / wedding band though). Layered rings are the way to go!

I wrote a full blog about my headband obsession and could go on and on for days about how much I love them! Don't worry, I won’t. Headbands are the best because they instantly add a bit of fun and can transform a bad hair day in seconds. Whenever I need some volume, I throw on a headband and run out the door.

Every girl deserves a fancy accessory that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Sean gifted me this classic Burberry scarf when we first started dating and I’ve worn it every fall and winter since. Treat yourself with something special that makes you happy!

Kate Spade is my all-time favorite accessory brand. If I’m with a purse (which I always am), it’s going to be a Kate Spade purse. I’ve been loving this color-blocked little pink purse lately and bring it everywhere with me!

We all have that one accessory that we never take off. I’ve been collecting ALEX AND ANI bracelets for years and feel naked if I’m not wearing them at this point! They can be easily stacked and I like getting new bracelets for special occasions or life events. Wearing them is like wearing a memory!


Finding accessories that feel like you can take time! Once you make that discovery, never take them off.


Alina Ann


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