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Reality TV Shows to Watch

Looking for a new series with lots of drama? Read on!


For some reason, I’m always watching four to five TV shows at once. As if I have the time! Does anyone else say “I’m just going to watch one episode” of a new series and then can’t stop once you’ve started it?!

I’ve also realized that I’m slightly addicted to reality TV. So if you’re looking for a new reality TV show to binge, here are of few of my personal favorites to check out!

Love Island US / UK

If you have a lot of time on your hands and are looking for the ultimate reality TV show to binge watch, look to Love Island. A bunch of singles head to an island, are thrown into a villa together, and have to periodically pair up with one another in couples. New people are brought in each week, others are sent home, and the last couple standing wins lots of $$$! It also airs live DAILY so the audience watching gets to vote. The UK version will forever be my personal choice (I can’t get over those accents), but the US version is also amazing!

The Bachelor Franchise

A controversial choice, I know. I’ve been a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise for years and years! Ben Higgins season truly messed me up, I got way too invested and have been ever since. When Ben H. and Lauren B. broke up it took me a while to believe in love again (the most dramatic phrase ever). Although there’s been a lot of recent change with the show lately, it’s still super entertaining! Plus, I love love.

Siesta Key

One of MTV’s best reality shows has got to be Siesta Key. It follows around friend group in Florida who are all very wealthy and live a crazy lifestyle. If drama is your thing, Siesta Key will be your thing! Every time I watch I always want to go on a tropical vacation (with much less drama)

Love is Blind

This one caught me by surprise and I can’t wait for the next season! This Netflix original is a whirlwind from start to finish. Total strangers fall in love through a wall, get engaged, get married and live happily ever after to prove that love truly is blind! Yes, there is also drama along the way.

Are You The One?

AYTO is a little out of the norm for me but for some reason, it’s fascinating. The premise of this show is to find your perfect match! Experts find around 20 single people and pair them up with one another based on an extensive compatibility test. The only catch? They don't know who their perfect match is! So each week, they all have to try to figure out who. If they all do, they win $$$ at the end! Spoiler alert: they rarely win.

Brb, gotta go catch up on my TV shows!


Alina Ann


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