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Save vs. Splurge

Treat yourself or save for yourself on these designer trends!


I love a good deal, but it’s also important to treat yourself every once in a while! Some people may say there are certain items worth splurging on and others that you should save and purchase an alternate for, but I say to choose what makes you the most happy and what you'll get the most use out of.

Here are a few finds below for you to make your own pick!

Cartier Love Ring

Splurge: $2,000+ from Cartier
Save: $12.99 from Amazon

The iconic Cartier love ring is such a timeless piece! The gold, rose gold and silver options are all extremely high quality and will last you a lifetime - always looking like new. If you like the look of the Cartier love ring but not the price tag, this Amazon option is a great alternative! Although it won't last as long, the look and feel is very similar.

MACH & MACH Bow Heels

Splurge: $1,050+ from Moda Operandi
Save: $59.99 from EGO

If I had all the money in the world, my closet would be filled with fancy shoes like these! I always like to have a few staple shoes that I can wear over and over, but will occasionally purchase a special pair like these if I have an event to go to. The splurge and save options are both adorable, but for me, I'd choose to save!

Chanel Quilted Purse

Splurge: $3,000+
Save: $49 from Amazon

Chanel is my all time favorite designer. However, I don't own anything Chanel... and that's ok! One day, I'll allow myself to splurge on a staple piece like this. For now, I just love the quilted style of the bag and found this alternative option on Amazon!


Alina Ann


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