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Simple Holiday Outfits with Pieces You Already Own

Go shopping in your own closet!


Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a brand new outfit for every occasion, but sometimes, it’s nice to “shop” in your own closet too. Here are three holiday outfits you can throw together with pieces already in your wardrobe!

A Statement Dress

Bring out the bold colors for Christmas! Whether it’s a casual or dressier dress, a bright red, green or sparkly piece will instantly feel like a holiday fit. Layer it with the sweater or jacket of your choice!

A Layered Look

Did you store away your dresses for winter? Bring them back out and throw on a cozy sweater or sweatshirt on top! This is a perfect cute, yet comfy look that you’ll be thankful for when you’re stuffing yourself with all of the holiday cookies this year.

Midi Skirt + Jacket

We all know my relationship with midi skirts and, of course, they’re perfect for the holidays! This emerald skirt from J. Crew is one of my favorites. For the holidays, I paired it with a plain tee and a jacket for a casual look. Friendly reminder that I live in Texas and am not trucking through snow all season long!

Happy holidays!


Alina Ann


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