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Spring Break Outfit Inspo

Dreaming of the beach at all times.


Taking a (spring) break? Check out some adorable outfit details for your next beach vacay!

Flowy Midi Dresses

There's something magical about that "after beach, lightly sunburned, gotta get ready for dinner" feeling that makes you want to put on a twirly dress. Midi dresses are perfect for a tropical trip, as they'll keep you covered up when it cools off in the evening but you won't be too hot when the sun is still shining. My favorite type of dresses!

Oversized Comfy Tee

For some reason, I find it difficult to find a cute coverup that can be easily tossed over a bathing suit while still being comfortable. This sheer tee is a great length to wear on your way to the pool and is slightly oversized, making it totally cozy too! The peplum detailing here is a nice girly touch!

Playful Prints

You're on vacation, so have a little fun with colors and prints! Put your neutrals to the side and break out all of the playfulness. This is your time!


Alina Ann


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