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Summer Dresses for All Things Formal

Sunshine is here! Summer is here!


I may be jumping a bit ahead, but in my mind, it’s officially summer!

Here are three dresses I’ll be wearing for all the upcoming weddings, parties and formal things this season.

Floral Pink Midi

This is seriously the most flattering dress! Pleated skirt, shirred waist and puff sleeves. It's trendy, but classic and is the perfect pop of pink!

Little Black Dress

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - when in doubt, LBD! I love this flattering cocktail dress with the bow tie waist and the low back drop. A little extra something that is sure to stand out!

Hot Pink Midi Dress

A dress so cute I had to have it in every color! Yes, this is identical to the floral midi dress but a totally different vibe. Sometimes you just want to wear a bright color and spin around in a fancy dress...This is the dress for you!


Alina Ann


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