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Summer Trends to Look Out For

Long live summer!


Summer is coming to an end, but a few a few trends are just getting started! Here are three fads that are sure to stick around from season to season.

Walking on a cloud? Count me in! These slip ons come in just about every color and are the perfect throw on and go sandal. You may not be wearing them on a snowy winter day, but they’ll be making a comeback in the warmer months!

Fanny packs got a rebrand and we’re all here for it! Particularly, the Lululemon Belt Bag has taken the world by storm and everyone wants one. In every color. And let’s face it, they’re just super convenient!

Hot Pink & Orange Combo

We all know I’ve been wearing pink since forever, but the hot pink and orange color combo trend is the absolute cutest! Bold, bright colors are fun in the summer, but I know we’ll be seeing them more frequently in months to come... Stay tuned.


Alina Ann


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