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The Cutest Coffee Shops in Dallas

For those immaculate Sunday morning vibes.


Picture this. You sleep in on a Sunday morning. It’s a perfectly sunny day and you decide to head out across the street to the cutest coffee shop for a sweet treat and a little caffeine fix. You have a book, you sit for a while and you’re happy.

Is anyone else obsessed with this vibe??

Dallas is home to some of the most adorable, picturesque places to grab some coffee (or tea). Here are a few below!

Right in the center of the cozy State Thomas area, White Rhino Coffee feels like a home away from home. This two-story cottage is THE spot to study or work all day long while chomping on avocado toast and sipping on a matcha latte. Bring your pup and sit on the porch!

A McKinney avenue classic! Foxtrot Market is a grab and go spot for all things healthy and indulgent. From pre-made meals, snacks and homemade breakfast/lunch classics, this is great for everyone! Grab yourself a breakfast taco and head out on the patio to enjoy the day.

This place is literally sunshine! The soft yellow, girly aesthetic is just as cute as their uniquely flavored lattes and pastries. There are locations all around the city so find the one that’s closest to you!

Dreaming of Paris? Always. This hidden gem is an escape from the city and is truly precious. Authentic pastries, sandwiches and even pies! You’ll be coming back for more.


Alina Ann


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