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Things I Learned While 24

Am I old now??


It’s official, I’m 25 today! Cue the quarter life crisis…

This past year of my life has been an eventful one. On top of being in a pandemic, I navigated my first full year of marriage with my husband, left a job and started a new one that I absolutely love, and spent more time focusing on myself.

I’ve learned so much this year and wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s what I know now that I didn’t before.

Put Yourself First

As a strong enneagram two, I always have the urge to help others before helping myself. While I love the empathetic side to me, this year, I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to put myself first, even if it might hurt others. This was a really difficult realization, but I’ve genuinely found that sometimes being selfish is the best thing you can do for others in the long run.

Follow Your Heart

My career is extremely important to me and I love what I do within the marketing and influencer spaces. This year, I was given an exciting opportunity to take on a new job in a new area and I knew in my heart that it was right for me. I wanted to be challenged, to keep learning and to discover something new. While it was scary, I’m so happy and am excited for what’s ahead. I followed my heart and did what was best for me.

There’s Always Time

In the beginning of your career, it's hard to disconnect. I often missed out on important moments with friends and family because I thought there was simply not enough time. I know I’m an extremely hard worker and am proud to say that. However, I now know the importance of taking time for yourself and giving yourself grace. There is always a balance that can be found.

24 was a great year and I know 25 will bring so much more learning too!


Alina Ann


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