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Tips for Shopping Online for Black Friday

Black Friday starts NOW!


It’s October, I know. But the biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner!

It’s easier than ever to avoid the long lines and shop online, so here’s some tips to keep in mind for Black Friday... which starts NOW.

Start Shopping TODAY!

Black Friday isn’t just one day anymore, it’s a whole month! Make a list of the stores you’re wanting to shop and start looking for deals as early as October into November. Early Black Friday is very much here and the deals are coming!

Use Google Shopping

Find an item you want? Before clicking purchase, google it online and view other stores’ listings of it to make sure you are getting the very best deal! Almost everyone reduces prices for Black Friday, so find the best one!

Add to Cart Ahead of Time

Know what you’re going to purchase ahead of time? Add those items to your cart about a week ahead of time and head back when the sale is updated! This way, there's no fear of selling out - you'll be the first in line.

Add Honey to Your Browser

Honey is a browser extension that can be downloaded and will search for any discount codes offered, while telling you what the best deal is! I always use this before hitting purchase, because it calculates it for you!

Cyber Monday

Patience will pay off! When shopping online, often the first deals are on Cyber Monday. If you don't mind waiting, it could be worth it!

How will you be shopping?


Alina Ann


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