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Wedding Guest Looks: ASOS Edition

Winter weddings are almost here!


Wedding season is the very best (and yes, it’s still going). ASOS has always been my go-to for formal occasion looks, and this season, they have some totally gorgeous wedding guest dresses - affordable and adorable!

Everyone loves a little red dress. And this one is so sophisticated and so chic! Perfect for a an elegant winter wedding or a night out on the town.

Looking to stand out? Say no more! Sometimes, you just want to wear an outfit that screams FUN! This rainbow moment does just that. A walking disco ball fit for the dance floor!

Polka dotted perfection! I wore this dress to an October wedding and absolutely loved it. It’s so flattering and has just the right details of shoulder pads and a soft leopard print.

The color… The sparkle… I’m obsessed! This dress is so flattering and gives me total New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Eve wedding vibes). The stretchy material also makes it comfortable, which is great for a long day and night!

I’ve always loved the one-shoulder look and this dress is no execution! The metallic color and texture puts a unique twist on a classic look, and is seriously stunning!


Quick tip: When ordering dresses online for a special occasion, ALWAYS order more than one!


Alina Ann


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