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Weekly Favorites from Trader Joe's

The Disney World of Grocery Stores!


Trader Joe’s is the Disney World of grocery stores and I’m totally hooked. Every Sunday, I go to TJs for my weekly groceries.

Here are a few things I pick up practically every single week!

Celery Juice

Every week day, I force myself to start my day off with 16 oz of fresh pressed celery juice. TJs sells pre-packaged bottles of this that are super easy to grab and go! When I drink this on an empty stomach, it makes me feel lighter and better for the rest of the day.

I won’t lie, the taste isn’t the best thing in the world, but you get used to it!

Turmeric and Acerola Shots

When I need a little mid-week boost, I’ll take one of these turmeric of acerola cherry shots for a pick-me-up. Lots of vitamin C and good stuff that will instantly make you feel refreshed! If I’m sick, I’ll be sure to take extra of these.

Anything Dill-Flavored

I don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but the dill pickle hummus and dill pickle potato chips have changed my life for the better. SO much flavor and deliciousness packed into foods that I already love! These are seasonal items, so when they’re in stock, I stock up.

Frozen Banana Bites Covered in Dark Chocolate

It’s no secret that.I have a big sweet tooth. During the week I try to eat a little healthier (although I wish I could eat Crumbl Cookies every day) and these frozen chocolate banana bites do the trick! Tastes like ice cream, but it’s just fruit!

Salad Kits

TJ salad kits hit differently. They seriously have the best pre-made food! The stuffed peppers and chicken ravioli deserve an honorable mention here too. Every week day, I prep a salad for lunch and these make it so easy.


Alina Ann


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