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Hi! I'm Alina Ann.

Thanks for stopping by! 


I'm a 24-year-old gal living in Dallas, Texas, with my husband, Sean (the random guy in the photo above), and two cats by my side (Frenchie & Tottie).

Our perfectly boring life is my definition of a fairytale.

After graduating from TCU in 2019 with degrees in Strategic Communications and Fashion Merchandising, I've landed in a career within the Marketing/Talent industry. I'm lucky enough to be doing something every day that I'm passionate about alongside some

pretty amazing people.

But who am I? Alina Ann is a savvy styler who will never pass up a good deal, a lover of chicken tenders (with all the dipping sauces), a Taylor Swift lyric analyzer, a Bachelor-fanatic and a Midwesterner at heart. After breaking through my shy exterior, you'll find a not-so-reserved individual who is still figuring it out along the way. 

I promise to be 100% myself on this platform and share everything that makes me, me!


Hopefully, you'll learn a little bit about yourself too.


Alina Ann


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